Nicola Alesbrook


Nicola Alesbrook 

"We were amazed at how quickly the build came together!"

1) What was your reason for wanting a loft conversion?

We needed more space for our growing family and could't afford to move. The cost of the conversion put good value onto our property so made sense.

2) Why did you choose Crown Lofts to convert your loft?

Tom was professional and approachable from the outset. He seemed like a genuine, family man who had a good reputation for completing high standard loft conversions.

3) What are your thoughts on their customer service?

All of the office and build staff were always on hand to answer questions and they kept regular contact with us throughout the build to make sure things were going smoothly and to plan. I can't fault the efficiency and attention to detail.

4) Did the quality of the build live up to your expectations?

We were amazed at how quickly the build came together. The build team were constantly checking the plans with us and were able to make suggestions about room layouts and interior planning. It's made us be more open about having further alterations to the house in the future.

5) How do you feel now that your Loft conversion is complete?

It's great to have more space - although cleaning three extra rooms is tiring - going up two flights of stairs! We are so pleased we did it and there really was minimal disruption while it was all going on. People come and see it and say that it looks like it was always been there.

6) Would you recommend Crown lofts?

Yes, definitley.