Emma Sayer

"The professionalism meant we quickly decided to use Crown Lofts"

1) What was your reason for wanting a loft conversion?

After our first baby was born we knew we wanted to convert our loft to give us much needed extra space. When speaking to estate agents the alternative of moving just wasn’t financially viable and converting the loft was a much more affordable option.

2) Why did you choose Crown Lofts to convert your loft?

Tom really impressed me at the first appointment. The quote was competitive and the professionalism meant we quickly decided to use Crown Lofts.

3) What are your thoughts on their customer service?

Customer service was great. Having a key point of contact on the office was lovely as it meant glee felt well informed throughout the project.

4) Did the quality of the build live up to your expectations?

More than. We are thrilled with the result and all our friends and family are amazed at the quality given the speed the project was done.

5) How do you feel now that your Loft conversion is complete?

We’re so glad we did the loft. We almost can’t remember how it was before and think the extra space is a huge asset to our home.

6) Would you recommend Crown lofts?

Absolutely, we’d recommend Crown Lofts without hesitation.