Elodie Hudson


Elodie Hudson from Guildford

"We are thrilled now the conversion is complete."

1) What was your reason for wanting a loft conversion?

We needed a loft conversion to create two additional bedrooms for two of our four children after we moved into the house.

2) Why did you choose Crown Lofts to convert your loft?

We chose Crown Lofts because of the professional and friendly way we were led through the quotation process. Tom gave the impression that they really knew what they were talking about. They agreed to leave the stairs that already ran up to the loft (other companies wanted to replace them). They were also competitive on price, and transparent about where the costs were.

3) What are your thoughts on their customer service?

Customer service has been excellent throughout. Someone from the office always gets back to you very quickly if there is a query or a problem.

4) Did the quality of the build live up to your expectations?

Yes the quality of the build looks great and the builder was able to make small but significant improvements on the plans has he went along which was a bonus.

5) How do you feel now that your Loft conversion is complete?

We are thrilled now the conversion is complete - my daughters have lovely bedrooms and the space really adds to the house as a whole.

6) Would you recommend Crown lofts?

Yes I would recommend Crown Lofts without hesitation.